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Better than a Cellphone

MobileHelp’s Anywhere Help Button is better than a cell phone in emergencies.

We can find you in an emergency.

When you call 911 on a cell phone, the operators do not have information about where you are located like they do when you dial 911 from your home landline.  The operator must waste valuable time asking you questions to gather this information.  And you (or someone with you) must be able to give detailed location information to the operator.   If there is any miscommunication, the closest paramedics may not be called – wasting more valuable time.   Or worse, they may not find you at all.  Would you bet your life that you or your companion could do this during the height of an emergency event?

Calling for help using MobileHelp’s Anywhere Help Button will connect you to our emergency operators.   With a single button press your location is sent to our operators and displayed on a map on their computer screen.  They will speak to you through the mobile device and you can speak to them to let them know the situation.  Even if you can’t speak, or your companion is flustered and can’t communicate clear information for you, our operator can see where you are on the map and will send the closest paramedics to your location.   A 911 operator cannot do that for you.

We know it’s you calling for help.

Cell phone 911 operators do not know who you are.  Trying to gather personal information during an emergency call wastes valuable time.  Not only do they not know who you are, they don’t know anything about you.  They don’t know your age, your drug allergies, any medical conditions or what hospital you prefer.

The Anywhere Help Button operators know who you are and will tell first responders important information about you. The paramedics will arrive on the scene knowing who you are, any drug allergies or conditions such as diabetes, and they will also know if you have a hospital preference.

 In the time that a cell phone 911 operator spends gathering personal information, a MobileHelp operator will have contacted the closest available paramedics and will have already explained this information to them.  Help will be on the way to your location and they will be prepared with your personal health information.  Once help is secured, our operators will contact your family.

You simply cannot depend on a cell phone for emergencies.  If you are unable to speak, they can’t help you.  The 911 operators do not know who you are or where you are located when you are calling from a cell phone.  In fact, even if you are able to speak and explain it all, they may not even send the closest available paramedics. 

The Anywhere Help Button does it all in a single button press, no talking necessary.  Help will be on the way and your family will be informed.

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