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MobileHelp Connect®

MobileHelp Connect is a set of online tools that allow users and their loved ones to stay connected. With real time location data via Google maps, and optional email and/or notifications about button presses (whether it is a system test or real emergency) everyone stays in the loop and you can go confidently about your day.

MobileHelp Connect is FREE with any MobileHelp plan.

The smartphone app is available to download for FREE on iOS and Android phones.

MobileHelp Connect® Features

  • System Status Alerts
  • Non-Emergency Alerts
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Ability to detect location of Mobile Device – 30 location requests per month included with your MobileHelp plan*

*Additional location request packages can be purchased at $5 per 30 additional requests.


MobileHelp Connect® Plus

MobileHelp Connect Plus features are available for an extra charge and include additional location requests, Activity Tracking and Medication Reminders.

Medication Reminders is easy to use

Taking medications on schedule can be an important part of daily life and can help prevent missed doses or overdoses of medication (which represent a major reason falls occur) and you can go confidently about your day.

Medication Reminders Features

  • Schedule medication reminders
    online using our MobileHelp Connect portal
  • Receive the friendly reminders
    through your cellular base station
  • Make sure you take your
    on time every day!

Be sure to add Medication Reminders for ONLY $5 per month with your MobileHelp plan.

Activity Tracking is easy to use

MobileHelp’s Activity Tracking allows customers to monitor their activity level on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This premium feature utilizes the MobileHelp Fall Button™ to track activity levels and display them in an easy-to-understand format on the MobileHelp Connect® web portal. Activity Tracking can be accessed online by anyone the customer authorizes to participate in their health management such as family, friends or health professionals. This simple, easy-to-use feature can be a valuable informational asset to encourage customers to remain active.

Activity Tracking Features

  • Easy to read charts showing daily activity
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly views can reveal trends in health
  • Instant message notification to authorized participants alerts them to abnormal periods of inactivity
  • Email updates keep families and other concerned parties in the loop.

Be sure to add Activity Tracking for ONLY $5 per month with your MobileHelp Fall Button plan.

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