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The Anywhere Help Button works anywhere, not just at home.  It can save your life and reduce suffering anywhere you go.  With the Anywhere Help Button you can:

  • Live independently longer
  • Feel confident that help is only a button press away wherever you are located
  • Pay the same price or less than most traditional PERS systems that only work at home
  • Give your family peace of mind about you living alone, driving, and going out

The Anywhere Help Button will give your family peace of mind that you can get help anywhere including when you’re driving, on a walk, or anywhere outside the home.  Family members will have peace of mind knowing they will be contacted if you need to call for help.  Also, your family can find you by using MobileHelp’s Caregiver Tools.  If they try to contact you and there is no answer, they can go to their computer and find where you are located.  That’s really peace of mind for everyone.

Easy to use

The Anywhere Help Button was developed with Seniors in mind.  Set-up is a breeze, it’s as simple as plugging in your unit and calling us to test.  The system comes with an easy to follow, large print, one-page Quickstart Guide so it can be plugged in and working in a matter of minutes.  Our customer service representatives are also always happy to help, if you have any questions.

To call for help, you don’t have to do anything except press a button.  It’s as easy as pressing a garage door opener.  Once the button is pressed, one of our trained emergency operators will speak to you.  With our mobile device, you can hear and speak to them from any room of your home or anywhere you go outside the home. 

How MobileHelp® Works

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