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I woke up in the morning and felt like I had indigestion.  By noon the pain in my chest felt sharp.  After watching reports on TV and reading the MobileHelp customer newsletter, I recognized the symptoms and knew I needed to get help, so I pushed the button.   A voice came on and within minutes the fire department was there, followed by an ambulance.  I was rushed to the hospital and to surgery where they put in a stint.  Now I’m home and fine.  My life was saved!  Neil W.,  Las Vegas, NV

I am 87 years old and very healthy and independent. However, my beloved family and friends have been after me for several years to order one of these life saving devices. I have to admit, the unit does give me peace of mind. Yours is the only one we found out about that has an “outside” monitor as well. You have a marvelous product that will certainly be of service to many senior people. Thank you again for your kindness. Sincerely — Elizabeth F., Escondido, CA

I purchased this product for my Mom, who lives in Florida.  I did a lot of research and when I found this option, which included the GPS feature, that was it, I purchased it immediately.  - Kevin P., Marietta, GA

I was driving and began to feel abnormal sensations on the left side of my body.  I have had two previous heart attacks so I knew something was wrong.  I felt I had to drive home to be safe.  When I was within three blocks of my home, I lost the feeling in both of my hands.  I dialed 911 on my cell phone and then I dropped the phone.  I got out of the car and fell.  I could hear the 911 operator on the phone but I couldn’t tell them very well where I was located.  They sent an ambulance and I could hear it all over the place looking for me but I couldn’t see it.  Finally they found me.   I was taken to the hospital and went straight to surgery.  I feel that your MobileHelp system would have gotten me help faster, as I would not have to tell the operator where I was.  With one button press it would have sent my location and they could have found me much faster than using a cell phone to dial 911.  That's why I became a customer. — Harold R., Trenton, NJ

Peace of Mind

As an active senior, I find I can continue being active without worrying about getting help whenever it is necessary. It also brings peace of mind to my family. - Irene M., Houston, TX

I am 87 years young and my family can feel more secure about me in their absence.  - Bosh, Laguna Woods, CA

I'm on the go - I feel secure that I'm covered.  - Alberta P, Salina, KS


Being able to participate in activities is important to my mental and physical well being. I do deep water jogging at the local "Y", chair our Friends of the Library Group, am active in my church and Sertoma Club, and serve on the board of my Homeowners Association. All of these groups and all of my friends have been told about my MobileHelp system. — Jean V, Niceville, FL

I felt like I had been released from jail!  —  Elizabeth J., Singer Island, FL


My doctor told me if I didn't get up and move around, the next time he saw me I'd be in a wheelchair.  But I am afraid of falling.  With MobileHelp I feel more confident about walking to stay mobile.  I'm looking forward to warmer weather when the snow/ice has melted and I can extend my walking exercise to the outside — Donna E., Springfield, OH

I am an active senior and feel very confident leaving home since I have my MobileHelp with me.  It is good to have in my car too in case of an accident, as well as in any other emergency that may occur either in or out of my home.  - Greta A., Monmouth Beach, NJ


MobileHelp is not just for seniors, it also can be used by anyone that is living on their own.  - Irene A., Wellington, FL

My daughters worried about me driving.  With my MobileHelp they feel better about me living alone and driving around town.  Now I can keep my independence and they don't worry so much because they can always find me. - Victor D., Palm Bay, FL

Customer Service

Thank you very much for extending such excellent customer service to us on our new MobileHelp system.  You are kind, patient, and informative, walking us through the use of equipment.  - Elizabeth F., Escondido, CA

I just wanted to share with you my experience ordering your MobileHelp product. I was researching this product for my mother, and had to run the details by three siblings. This was not an easy task as my mother was as she said “not interested.” We finally got her turned around to agree to giving it a try and this was in large part due to the knowledge and patience of your highly competent consultant, John. At no time was he pushy, and he always explained everything in great detail. And, he is enjoyable to talk to and never seemed rushed.  Wishing you and your company continued success.  Mary F., Dover, DE

I just had to let you know what a pleasant experience I had working with your employees on obtaining a MobileHelp Now unit for my mother in Boonton, New Jersey. A few months ago my mother who is 79 years old fell in her home, and, since she had a hip replacement several years ago, could not get up. Luckily she was not injured; she just couldn't get to her feet without help. Finally somehow she got to a phone to call my brother. This got us all thinking and even though she's still active and can get around we knew we needed something because accidents do happen.  My brother looked into other units and wasn't satisfied with their terms. I then came across your ad and decided to give you a call. I called two different times and spoke with Johan with a bunch of questions, he answered them all with courtesy, never rushing me or trying to pressure me into purchasing immediately. My third call to him was to start the process of ordering the unit.  After our conversation he transferred me to Carrie, again someone who couldn't have been more helpful. She was so pleasant when asking for all my mom's information l felt like she knew my mother and only wanted the best for her also. We received the unit, a few days earlier than expected I might add! My brother did the hook up at the house and called for a test. That's one of the two times we spoke with Greg, again pleasant and very clear over the unit which helps as my mom has two hearing aids. On Monday July 26 I called in to get the unit activated and got Jason on the phone, he answered more questions that I had and some I didn't even think of....again with the kindness you don't find these days with some sales/customer service people. Usually companies are only notified when there's a complaint against their employees or product but I felt I needed to express my sincere delight in dealing with your company and to thank you for hiring such wonderful employees at MobileHelp. lt's nice to know that there are still people out there that put the customer first.  Thank you.  Lynn D., Clifton, NJ

Case Study

This case study by Honeywell HomMed, demonstrates the value of the MobileHelp Mobile Personal Emergency Response System in the personal empowerment model in use at the Chateau Girardeau Retirement Community in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. MobileHelp keeps staff and residents connected helping to in maintain their independent lifestyle and overall health and well-being. Click the link below to read the story. Click here to read the story.


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