The Best Medical Alert Systems for Active Seniors

MobileHelp online pricing starts at $24.95/mo.* for the MobileHelp® Smart. We also offer the MobileHelp® Classic starting at $19.95/mo., the MobileHelp® Solo at $37.95/mo. and the MobileHelp® Duo at $41.95/mo. Save even more with one of our annual pricing plans.


  •   Independence and peace of mind – MobileHelp works at home or when you are on the go
  •   Nationwide GPS location detection
  •   The first FDA-registered mobile medical alert system
  •   NO equipment to buy and NO long-term contracts

MobileHelp's Fall Button™

Fall Button™ with Automatic Fall Detect

  •   Comfortable and lightweight
  •   Wearable as a pendant
  •   Waterproof design for use in the shower
  •   Compatible with MobileHelp's Cellular Base Station and Mobile Device

FDA registered manufacturer of medical alert systems for many of the top brands you see online.