Compare Medical Alert Systems

See how MobileHelp’s Help Button compares to traditional "Stay-at-Home" medical alert systems

Comparison Chart

Stay-at-home buttons only work in the home

When you compare medical alert systems, you will see that the traditional stay-at-home Medical Alert Systems are very limited outside of the home. They may work as far as the mailbox, but do not offer any protection any further from your property. With these types of alert systems, when you leave home, you are no longer protected.


MobileHelp's Medical Alert for Seniors works on the go

MobileHelp’s senior medical alert works both inside the home and outside of the home when used with our Mobile Device. It will not only give you protection when checking your mailbox, but also on a trip to the post office! It works nationwide, including Hawaii and Alaska. You can now feel safe on a walk, in your car, in the park, at the lake, and even the beach. Where do you enjoy going?

Stay-at-home buttons don’t work if you don’t have a landline phone

The traditional buttons do not work if you don’t have a landline phone. They also do not work with internet or cell phones. If you are one of the many people without a landline telephone, purchasing one of these systems will cause you to pay for a landline phone service in addition to help button service.


MobileHelp does not require a landline phone

With our help button, no landline phone is required. It works the same way at home or away. Even without any landline phone service in your home, you can always get help with one press of the button.

Stay-at-home buttons don’t work if your phone line is out

Traditional systems face another problem. When the phone lines are out, so is your help button. You may not realize it, but your phone line can be down from time to time, especially during the night. Storms can also knock out phone service putting you at risk. 


The MobileHelp button works on a cellular network so that you can get help even when your home phone line is not working

  • Works anytime, day or night, even if your phone line is out
  • No landline phone is required
  • Works anywhere, anytime there is cellular service

Stay-at-home buttons can’t protect you when you go for a walk

The traditional buttons only work at home.  They don't protect you when you are out and about.  


MobileHelp works when you go for a walk    

  • The mobile device is small and lightweight.
  • The mobile device works with either a neck pendant or wrist button.
  • It works both at home and away from the home, even on a walk.

Stay-at-home help buttons can’t protect you in your car

The traditional buttons only work at home.


MobileHelp can get help to you when you drive across the United States

  • The mobile device can get you help on the road.
  • It will send our trained emergency operators your location.
  • You don’t have to leave your car to get help.
  • Car chargers give extra battery life for long trips.
  • It works around town, as well as on cross-country trips.
  • You can use it when travelling in an RV.
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