Medical Alert System Reviews and Testimonials

Read medical alert system reviews and testimonials by MobileHelp customers and their families. See how MobileHelp is giving customers peace of mind, freedom, confidence and independence.

Peace of Mind

I was walking from my home to my car when I fell and pressed my help button.  I had fallen between two large vehicles and was concerned that no one would see me and also that wild animals periodically wonder about and I feared whether I might encounter one and not be able to escape.  Emergency responders came to my aid and I was taken to the hospital. I am very thankful that MobileHelp was there for me.  Jean K.

"Dear Tom, Thank you so much for the car charger - Sister and I are hitting the road. We both have our systems now and off we go. We are late day Thelma and Louise - 80 and 82 - I don't think we will run into Brad Pitt, most likely some old fellow 90 years old with one foot on a banana peel and arthritis on the other. Thanks again - there will be probably 2 more orderings using my name and asking for you. Watch the newspaper for us (ha ha)!" – Dorothy C., Banning, CA Dorothy C..

I am 87 years young and my family can feel more secure about me in their absence. - Bosh, Laguna Woods, CA Bosh ..

As an active senior, I find I can continue being active without worrying about getting help whenever it is necessary. It also brings peace of mind to my family. Irene M..


My daughters worried about me driving. With my MobileHelp they feel better about me living alone and driving around town. Now I can keep my independence and they don't worry so much because they can always find me. - Victor D., Palm Bay, FL Victor D..

MobileHelp is not just for seniors, it also can be used by anyone that is living on their own. - Irene A., Wellington, FL Irene A..

I am an active senior and feel very confident leaving home since I have my MobileHelp with me. It is good to have in my car too in case of an accident, as well as in any other emergency that may occur either in or out of my home. - Greta A., Monmouth Beach, NJ Greta A..

My doctor told me if I didn't get up and move around, the next time he saw me I'd be in a wheelchair. But I am afraid of falling. With MobileHelp I feel more confident about walking to stay mobile. I'm looking forward to warmer weather when the snow/ice has melted and I can extend my walking exercise to the outside — Donna E., Springfield, OH Donna E..

“I lost count of how many times MobileHelp has saved my life. Although being wheelchair bound may have its tolls, MobileHelp certainly makes it easier for me to do the things I want to do. I do remember 3 specific times that I fell inside my house and couldn’t get up, and all I had to do was press my neck pendant, explain what happened to the helpful responder over my Mobile Device and help quickly arrived. And even though I didn’t need to go to the hospital, the paramedics checked on me and made sure I got safely into bed. Another time I was visiting a friend down the street when she fell and couldn’t get up. I wasn’t much help but I knew to quickly press my neck pendant, explained what happened and help quickly arrived at her door. It was a good thing I was there to press my help button, otherwise she could’ve been laying there for some time. She has definitely seen the value in MobileHelp and told me she would be purchasing a system. There were many instances where I would go get the mail and fall near my mailbox and I never necessarily needed the paramedics, I just wanted them to contact my neighbor down the street to come help me up, and that’s exactly what they did. I love this system and what it did for me many times and continues to do. When your life is on the line and you’re stuck with no one around to help you, this makes all the difference. Everyone needs this device. Keep up the good work, MobileHelp!” - James M. - Jacksonville, FL James M..


I'm on the go - I feel secure that I'm covered. - Alberta P, Salina, KS Alberta P..


MobileHelp is not just for seniors, it also can be used by anyone that is living on their own. - Irene A., Wellington, FL.

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