Who Uses Medical Alert Systems?

When people hear the term “medical alert system,” they often picture the old ads which portray an elderly woman who’s saying, “I’ve fallen… and can’t get up!” from the floor. Understandably, not many older adults and their caregivers are enthused about doing the research around a medical alert system for seniors, to determine if it could be the right choice.


But the fact of the matter is that medical alert systems for seniors are used by many diverse groups of individuals – including older adults, but also extending into those people with chronic health conditions.


Seniors, Elderly, Older Adults:


Growing old has its blessings, from spoiling the grandchildren to relishing the relaxing days spending well-deserved time with family and friends in retirement.


Like most things in life, though, growing old also has its challenges: The latter part of life usually means confronting challenging health issues and often living further apart as family members move away to begin their own lives. Often, people find themselves isolated from the help they may need to overcome health challenges that may arise.


For those with age-based challenges or who are isolated from friends and family, medical alert systems for seniors may be the right thing to provide peace of mind and round out a home safety checklist for seniors (other items to consider can include: bath lifts and benches as well as shower chairs, stools and seats).



People with age related concerns may find a senior alert system helpful because of the way it can easily and reliably get them in touch with emergency responders, in the event of an emergency, such as a fall.


With one push of a button, the user can reach a 24/7 monitoring center with operators who can connect them with the right level of help and support.


Whether it is due to family or close ones moving away, enforced social distancing measures or other reasons, older adults can find themselves more isolated than previously.


The perfect tool to help an older adult or loved one who may be facing isolation fears is an alert system for seniors that utilizes emergency response technology. Instead of fearing what would happen to they were alone and facing an emergency, this technology can arm them with a powerful resource to stay connected.


Chronic Conditions:


Managing a chronic condition can be exhausting. From scheduling primary care and specialist appointments tomanaging medications to navigating insurance paperwork, the tasks are endless. All of this on its own can be tiring but it can seem downright impossible to do that on top of normal daily expectations like being a dedicated employee, a present parent to children or a loving partner to a significant other.


When considering how to manage a chronic condition, many people often develop a plan in case of a medical emergency, due to something like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure or diabetes. For a growing number of those challenged by chronic conditions, a medical alert system is the right solution to provide an extra layer of security as they manage their chronic condition.


Managing a chronic condition is difficult enough on its own without worrying about managing the emergencies that could arise. Those worries can be put aside with the help of a medical alert system.


Many people use senior alert systems and medical alert systems for seniors.


A senior alert system or medical alert system for seniors is a resource many people who are aging, elderly, isolated or managing a chronic illness use to provide a reliable safety net in case of an emergency. No one wants to experience an emergency that would require immediate attention, but with the technology available to provide a peace of mind in case of that situation, many people are utilizing an alert button for seniors or an alert system for seniors that provide them 24/7 monitoring if they should need it.