Medical Alert System FAQs

Personal Medical Alert Systems

Why is a medical alert system better than a cellphone?

MobileHelp Mobile Medical Alert System is better than a cell phone in emergencies.


We can find you in an emergency.


When you call 911 on a cell phone, the operators do not have information about where you are located like they do when you dial 911 from your home landline. The operator must waste valuable time asking you questions to gather this information. And you (or someone with you) must be able to give detailed location information to the operator. If there is any miscommunication, the closest paramedics may not be called – wasting more valuable time. Or worse, they may not find you at all. Would you bet your life that you or your companion could do this during the height of an emergency event?


Calling for help using the MobileHelp Help Button will connect you to our Emergency Operators. With a single button press your location is sent to our operators and displayed on a map on their computer screen. They will speak to you through the mobile device and you can speak to them to let them know the situation. Even if you can’t speak, or your companion is flustered and can’t communicate clear information for you, our operator can see where you are on the map and will contact the closest paramedics to your location.


We know it’s you calling for help.


Cell phone 911 operators do not know who you are. Trying to gather personal information during an emergency call wastes valuable time. Not only do they not know who you are, they don’t know anything about you. They don’t know your age or your family's contact information.


In the time that a cell phone 911 operator spends gathering personal information, a MobileHelp operator will have contacted the closest available paramedics and will have already explained this information to them. Help will be on the way to your location. Once help is secured, our operators will contact your family.


MobileHelp does it all in a single button press, no talking necessary. Help will be on the way and your family will be informed.


Who should have a medical alert system?

Seniors and others who may need to get emergency help while at home or away from home should have a medical alert system. MobileHelp® has provided medical alert systems for people as young as 19 years old and up to 113 years old. If you live alone or spend time alone, you should consider a medical alert system. MobileHelp offers a variety of systems to meet every need.

Does MobileHelp work outside the home?

Yes. MobileHelp was the first system that extends the features of an in-home medical alert system, nationwide, on the AT&T cellular network*. *Service availability and access/coverage on the AT&T network is not available everywhere and at all times.

How do I choose the best system for me – MobileHelp Duo, Solo or Classic?

If you are looking for a system that protects you at home and away from home, our Cellular Duo System and/or Solo system would be the best solution for you. If you are looking for a system that only protects you at home, our Classic System is the solution for you. If later you decide you would also like to be protected away from home, the Classic System can be easily upgraded to become a Duo System.

Does MobileHelp offer an online mapping service so family members know where I am at any given time?

Yes, as a subscriber you can provide loved ones access to "MobileHelp Connect." They would be able to log into the portal and locate your device. Additionally, you have the ability to configure your settings that would email people you selected as “responders” in the event you pressed the help button, along with a map of where you were when you pressed the button.

Do you have Medication Reminders? 

Yes, we provide a service that helps to ensure the customer takes their medications on schedule and helps to prevent missed doses or overdoses of medications. Medication Reminders is easy to use: schedule medication reminders online using MobileHelp Connect and receive friendly reminders through the Cellular Base Station. It is required the customer have an email address to sign up for Medication Reminders.

What is MobileHelp Connect®?

MobileHelp Connect® is a suite of online tools to help customers and authorized caregivers, such as family members, actively participate in the subscriber’s health and well-being. MobileHelp Connect standard features are available at no extra charge, and premium features are offered for an additional monthly fee. MobileHelp mobile GPS medical alert systems offer location services that can be accessed through MobileHelp Connect. Features available will vary depending on the type of system and accessories used.

Do I have to sign a wireless service contract?

No. There are no contracts and mobile service on the AT&T cellular network is included with your monitoring plan.

Equipment and Accessories

How long is battery life?

After fully charging, the battery for the Mobile Device should last over 24 hours under normal use conditions. The battery on the Base Station will last over 30 hours. The battery on the Neck Pendant and Wrist Button will last over 5 years.

Will the Base Station work if I lose power at my home?

Yes. In the event of a power outage, the Base Station will continue to work for approximately 30 hours.

Are the MobileHelp devices waterproof?

The Neck Pendant, Wrist Button and Fall Button™ are all waterproof. They are designed to be worn at all times including in the shower and bath. They are not designed to be submerged or exposed to water for a prolonged period of time. The Mobile Device, Cellular Base Station and Wall Button are not waterproof.

What is the size of the Base Station and the Mobile Device?

The Cellular Base Station is about the size of an answering machine. The Mobile Device is about the size of a deck of cards and weighs 3 ounces.

How far away from the Base Station do the Neck Pendant and Wrist Button work?

They are designed to work from anywhere inside your home. They have an approximate range of 1400 feet, depending on the size and construction of your home.

How far away from the Mobile Device do the Neck Pendant and Wrist Button work?

The Neck Pendant and Wrist Button have an approximate range of 600 feet from the Mobile Device. As long as you are within approximately 600 feet of the Mobile Device, you can call for help using your pendant or Wrist Button. But, we always recommend you carry the Mobile Device with you so you can speak directly to the Emergency Response team in the event of an emergency.

Does the Wrist Button strap contain any latex?

No. The MobileHelp Wrist Button is silicon based with no latex content.

Can I replace the Wrist Button band?

Yes, you may replace the Wrist Button band with a standard watch band of your choice.

Can I replace the Neck Pendant cord?

Yes, it will work with just about any chain or cord, so feel free to use any one of your personal chains or necklaces. However, the risk of choking may increase if you do not use the breakaway lanyard provided by MobileHelp.

Do you provide an emergency button for a wall or tabletop?

Yes, we provide a Wall Mount Button that allows a customer to call for emergency help by pressing it. The large button works with the Mobile Device and the Cellular Base Station. New Customers can order up 3 variations of “buttons” for a Duo or Solo, and up to 16 variations of “buttons” for a Classic. The customer can mount the Wall Button on a flat surface such as a wall or place it a on a tabletop. We do include mounting hardware and two-sided tape as well as 2 AAA batteries.

Radio Frequency Information 

Installation and Testing

Can I install the Base Station myself?

Yes, the Base Station is cellular so no phone lines are required. You simply set the Base Station on a flat surface like a desk, counter or table and plug in the electric cord into an outlet that is not controlled by a light switch. It’s that simple!

Do I have to call Technical Support to test my system?

You do not have to call to test the system. Press and hold the Test button on Base Station until it illuminates green. The Base Station will instruct you to press the Emergency button or pendant. Press Neck Pendant OR Wrist Button. The Base Station will announce, “Test call sent to emergency response center” and, assuming you have a Mobile Device with your system, the Mobile Device will beep several times. If your test was successful, your Base Station will announce “thank you for testing your device." If you have a Mobile Device nearby, you should hear this message through both devices. If your test was not successful, the Base Station will announce “user auto-test failed, please contact “Technical Support”.


It is important to test your system once a month. Testing your system is quick and easy. If you have both a Mobile Device and a Cellular Base Station, after pressing the Base Station Test button, both devices will be in auto-test mode. Always have your Mobile Device nearby when testing your system. It is possible that the Mobile Device will go to a live operator. If the operator speaks to you, please advise them that you are testing your system. If you do not explain to the operator that you are okay and that you are testing, emergency help will be contacted.

What are your hours of operation?

Our Emergency Monitoring Center is available 24 hours a day, year round. For your convenience, our Customer Support team is available from 8 am to 8 pm EST on weekdays and 9am - 6pm EST on Saturday. And you can contact them at 1-877-827-6207.

Using a MobileHelp System

Do I need a landline or phone to use your medical alert system?

No - a landline phone is not required. Our in-home base stations work on the AT&T Cellular Network. There are no additional cellular fees, it is all covered in your MobileHelp service plan. This also makes our base stations easy to install. There is no need to locate them near a phone outlet. You just plug in the power cord and it is installed!

Do I have to take the Mobile Device with me when I leave my home?

Yes – your Mobile Device will provide you with the connection you need in order to get help when you are away from your home. It acts as a smaller version of the Base Station in which you can talk to the operator over the speaker when you need assistance.

Can I talk through the Neck Pendant, Wrist Button, Fall Button or Wall Button?

There is no speaker in the help buttons. The Base Station and the Mobile Device have a speaker and microphone so if you press your help button, you can hear the Emergency Operator and speak to them.

What happens if the operator doesn’t hear me?

In the event that you are unable to speak due to a fall or the emergency responder can’t hear you, we will contact emergency response on your behalf, as we will assume that you are having an emergency.

How long does it take for the emergency responders to respond?

This depends on the local authorities available in your area – we cannot provide an estimated time.

How Does MobileHelp Work Outside Your Home?

When you leave home, take the Mobile Device and Neck Pendant or Wrist Button. The Mobile Device combines GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) and cellular technology, enabling our monitoring center to be notified of your location and establish 2-way communication. When you press the button, the Mobile Device will provide 2-way voice contact with the Emergency Monitoring Center.

How does MobileHelp work inside my home?

Pressing your Help button will initiate a call to our Emergency Monitoring Center, using your cellular base station. You will hear the Emergency Operator on the Base Station speaker and will be able to talk with them. If you are in a remote room of the house and the operator does not hear you on the Base Station, they will call the Mobile Device to speak with you.

Can I get two Mobile Devices with my system?

Yes, our Mobile Duo System is the industry’s only bundled GPS system that provides the freedom for multiple users to enjoy their lives with the peace of mind that comes from being protected at home or on-the-go.

Why do I need a pendant or Wrist Button when I can carry the Mobile Device around?

Pendants and Wrist Buttons are easy to use. You can press the Emergency button on your Mobile Device to call for help at home or away from home. What if the Mobile Device is out of your reach? The pendant or wrist button is offered so you can remotely activate the Mobile Device when it is out of reach.

Moving or Traveling

What if I move to a different home or my personal information has changed?

Please contact our Customer Service department at 1-877-827-6207 any time there are any changes to your personal information. They’re open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 8 PM EST, and Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM EST.

I am going to travel. How should I prepare?

Your Mobile Device will work nationwide anywhere there is AT&T cellular coverage. We recommend you call the Customer Service department at 877-827-6207 at least 2 to 3 days prior to leaving, so we can update our systems with your new address, emergency contacts, and lock box location. This ensures that if we have to alert emergency responders, they will have all relevant information to assist you without delays.

How do I prepare my Mobile Device for air travel?

Your Mobile Device will need to be turned OFF. Simply hold the on/off button for approximately two seconds until all the lights are turned OFF.