MobileHelp has company-wide quality programs and training that enable it to provide innovative products and services that help to keep our customers safe, healthy and in charge. The company’s certifications include:


FCC Certified

Federal Communications Commission – All wireless devices that transmit signals over the airwaves must have FCC certification to be used legally.



PTCRB is a global organization created by Mobile Network Operators to provide an independent evaluation process where Cellular Certification can take place. PTCRB was created to establish a third party certification, giving confidence to the operator that the certified device meets a minimum set of requirements established by the members. This gives confidence to the operator that their roaming partner’s device will not cause harm to their network.



Underwriters Laboratories Certification that cover the operation and safety of digital alarm communicator system units for use in central-station burglar-alarm systems, proprietary burglar alarm systems, police station connect burglar-alarm systems, residential burglar-alarm systems, residential fire warning systems, and home health care medical alert systems.



Underwriters Laboratories Certification for Home Health Care Signaling Equipment - This standard applies to Emergency call systems typically used in people’s homes to signal when there is a problem.


AT&T Network Certification

Certification that allows our devices to be used on the AT&T network.

Note: Independent laboratories are used to validate compliance to all of these standards.