Compare Medical Alert Systems

MobileHelp’s senior medical alert systems work anytime there is cellular service, both inside and outside the home. With our help button, no landline phone is required. Even without a landline phone service in your home, you can always get help with one press of a button.


Our system will not only give you protection when checking your mailbox, but also on a trip to the post office! Our small and lightweight mobile device works nationwide, including Hawaii and Alaska. You can now feel safe on a walk, in your car, in the park, at the lake, and even the beach.


Home Only One User, On-the-Go Complete Protection Two Users, On-the-Go Home Only, Landline All-in-One Neck Pendant

Compare Medical Alert Systems

Classic System


Solo System


Duo System


Mobile Duo

Mobile Duo

Wired home system

Wired Home

Micro System









Cellular Base Station

Mobile GPS Device

Medication Reminders Option

Cellular Technology

Waterproof Wrist Button or Pendant

Fall Button Option

Monitoring Service

Two-Way Voice

MobileHelp Connect® Access

Choose A Plan That is Right For You

Our medical alert systems are available through different payment plans including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. Our goal is to provide affordable plans that fit your individual needs. If you are uncertain of which payment plan to choose, give us a call and our customer service team will gladly help!