Fraud Alert

If you have received unsolicited telemarketing calls claiming to be from MobileHelp, please read this consumer alert message:

Widespread fraudulent telemarketing calls targeting senior citizens in the U.S. and Canada have been made from people who have falsely claimed to be from MobileHelp. These sales calls are very aggressive in nature. These telemarketers do not represent and are not connected with MobileHelp, its partners or distributors in any way.


This issue is currently under investigation and we have contacted consumer protection organizations to report this deceptive activity.


If you or a loved one are contacted by telemarketers claiming to represent MobileHelp, do not provide credit card, banking or any other personal information. You should request contact information from the calling party. If you wish to do business with MobileHelp, you should call directly to the toll free sales line: 1-800-800-1710.


Consumers or current MobileHelp subscribers who have received these calls may contact MobileHelp Customer Service with any questions, at 1-877-827-6207.