Medical Alert Systems With GPS

Why Medical Alert Systems with GPS Tracking Provide Better Safety

Usually the first question a 911 operator asks when an emergency is reported using a cell phone is: "what is the location of the emergency?". The time taken to ask this question and respond to it can waste precious seconds that a GPS system like MobileHelp can save!


MobileHelp Duo and Solo medical alert systems provide GPS tracking through the patented mobile device. In an emergency GPS tracking can pinpoint your location, which allows emergency assistance to reach you quicker. In an emergency every second counts.  


Having GPS tracking is an important benefit which MobileHelp medical alert systems provide over calling 911 from a mobile phone.


Currently, 70 to 80 percent of emergency calls are made on cellphones. The Federal Communications Commission estimates that a one minute improvement in 911 response times for mobile callers would save more than 10,000 lives each year. Source Fox News December 28, 2016


GPS Tracking


With our GPS medical alert location technology, MobileHelp can locate you wherever you go, for safety and peace of mind.


- Mobile medical alert devices with GPS technology


- Cellular voice and data network offers nationwide coverage


- GPS satellite tracking technology


- Online GPS medical alert location mapping in the event of an emergency


- Closest available emergency responders dispatched to your location


- Direct voice contact with highly trained Emergency Response Operators


How Does MobileHelp Use GPS Technology?

Nationwide Coverage

Click here to check cellular coverage in your area.


GPS satellites constantly transmit location to your MobileHelp medical alert device.

Fall Buttons

In the event of an emergency, pressing the Help Button sends your current GPS location and your unique customer ID to our call center through the AT&T cellular network.

Customer Service

With a simple press of a button, our call center receives your account information and precise location and coordinates with Emergency Services to send assistance to your exact location.

Map location

Our operator sends the closest paramedics to your location.

Understanding GPS Technology


Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based location system. This proven and trusted technology constantly updates your location information by sending it to your mobile device. When you press the help button, your latest location will be sent to our emergency response center. This information is sent immediately and includes the following:



- Your pinpoint location - We know where you are


- Your unique ID - We know who you are



This technology has been used by the military and space programs for decades. Now MobileHelp has developed a product to work in tune with this important and useful technology to offer a mobile medical alert system.