Consumer Reports on Medical Alert Systems

What Consumer Reports Communicated About MobileHelp®

Consumer Reports has not rated medical alert systems, but provides information on what to look for in a medical alert system and their best features. In Consumer Reports’ article, “What to look for in a medical alert system” they provided a review of MobileHelp’s medical alert system. Of the 8 criteria that Consumer Reports wrote a medical alert system should meet all or most of, MobileHelp’s medical alert systems has almost all of them.

The features detailed in the Consumer Reports article that MobileHelp has are:


  • Works for people with a disability
  • Offers a choice of wristband or neck pendant
  • Provides help buttons
  • Provide multiple choices of who to contact in an emergency including friends, relatives and emergency services
  • Have a battery backup
  • The Base Station can be contacted anywhere in your home or outside of your home
  • The monitoring center has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a nonprofit safety and consulting company