The MobileHelp Lock Box: your key to safety and security

A lock box is the perfect companion accessory to a medical alert system, because it allows you to provide access to your home in the event of an emergency. Without it, emergency medical services (EMS) will enter your home by any means necessary to reach you, which can mean broken windows or doors – a traumatic and costly experience. With an emergency lock box available, EMS will have the passcode they need to retrieve your key and enter your residence to get you the help you need.


The MobileHelp Lock Box Features and Benefits:

  • · Designed with Your Home in Mind: The MobileHelp Lock Box was designed to blend in with existing home décor – whether it’s attached to a front door, gate or railing. It also features a large internal compartment, to hold up to five keys.


  • · Durable and Secure: The lock box was built to withstand the elements throughout the year, while maintaining its appearance. It was also designed as a component to theft prevention – the only way to open the box is with your code.


  • · Easy to Use: Once you've received your lock box, installation is easy – there are no tools required. To remove the lock box, simply use your code to unlock and remove it.


  • · Programmed by You: The code to access your lock box is set by you and can be easily programmed and changed at any time. If you ever change your passcode or move the lock box to another location, we can update that information within your file.


· Get Help Fast: If you ever have an emergency, our emergency response operators will notify the EMS team, and provide the information to find and access the emergency lock box, so they can reach you quickly.