Wrist Button for a Medical Alert System

A key accessory available with some medical alert systems is the emergency button, found in both pendant or wrist styles from MobileHelp. These operate as a remote trigger to activate the medical alert device, which allows the user to get emergency help.


The wrist button accessory style tends to be very popular with consumers, because if offers 1) stylish discretion and 2) it is conveniently located on the body if it is needed.


Stylish Discretion

A wrist button has the benefit of looking like any other common wrist-worn accessory – from smart watches to fitness trackers. This allows the user to wear it without feeling any of the stigma they may be concerned about from wearing a medical alert device. And yet with a simple twist of the wrist and press of the button – help is on the way.


Convenient Location:

In terms of places to wear a medical alert accessory, the wrist is one of the most effective – in the event of an emergency, it’s more than likely not to move or swing around, so the user can still easily access the help button.

Features and Benefits:


  • Color Options: MobileHelp offers the wrist button in basic white or black, to blend with any wardrobe.
  • Comfortable: As a silicon-based product, the wrist button offers stylish comfort to be able to be worn all day, every day.
  • Waterproof: Hitting the pool or beach? No problem! The MobielHelp wrist button is waterproof to be worn anywhere – from the shower to the pool deck.
  • Customizable: To incorporate individual style, the wrist band of the MobileHelp wrist button can be swapped out for a standard watch band.

How it works:

The wrist button is part of the medical alert system that sends a signal through a base station or mobile device to a monitoring service, by pressing down on the medical alert button in their medical alert bracelet. When this happens, an alarm is sent to an emergency call center where a certified, trained operator has instant access to the user’s basic medical history, emergency contacts, and – most importantly – their current location.


The MobileHelp Neck Pendant is included with your order. To get the wrist button either add Mobilehelp Connect Premium to your shopping cart or call our Sales Department to order.


Using Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking (a radio navigation system based on a “constellation” of nearly 30 well-positioned satellites that orbit the Earth making it possible to pinpoint geographic location), allows the monitoring center to relay the precise location of the use to emergency response crews or family members who are nearby to help.