10 Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

Easy Home Modifications To Reduce The Risk Of Injuries From Falls 

As part of the National Safety Council’s Safety Awareness Month, the week of June 20, 2016 focuses on increasing awareness around falls and fall prevention. In support of that initiative, MobileHelp, a leader in mobile medical alert system and personal health management technology, has released an infographic to provide consumers with tips on how to make homes and outdoor spaces safer.

“We have always worked to provide people with the capability to get help quickly in the event of a fall – which happens roughly every 7 seconds,” said Rob Flippo, CEO of MobileHelp. “But the bigger goal is to take the issue further upstream – we want to help prevent fall emergencies from happening in the first place. We support the National Safety Council’s efforts to raise awareness around the issue of fall prevention.”

Released today, the informative piece focuses on providing easy modifications that can be incorporated into living spaces to reduce the risk of injuries from falls, with tips from the National Safety Council, as well as Mayo Clinic and the National Council on Aging (NCOA). Information includes such critical aspects as what areas of the home represent the greatest risk and how to ensure risks are mitigated as much as possible.