By Mara Perlmutter, Founder & CEO

My beautiful fashionista mom Sally was “my person” in the world. She loved and believed in me personally and professionally and was the biggest influence in my life.


When her health began to decline and her mobility became limited, I wanted to do everything I could to support her. My dad wanted her to wear a PERS (personal emergency response system) device and asked me for help. Like many people, I had no knowledge of them, so he ordered five different devices, and then asked me to “sell” my mom on using one. My reply of “no problem” showed my glaring ignorance.

I went to my parents’ home, looked at the devices and before even showing them to my mom I knew her answer would be no.


She then asked me, “Mara, you’ve been in the jewelry business over 25 years. Can’t you make me something beautiful to wear in case of an emergency?”


I (of course) said “sure.”


I had no idea if her request could even be accomplished, but I was willing to take on the challenge – and the idea behind TRELAWEAR was born.


Like any entrepreneur, I surveyed the marketplace, and was shocked to learn that even though women make up 75 percent of PERS purchasers, there were no “attractive” devices that could provide the kind of solution my mom wanted.


I knew with my experience and jewelry contacts I could design, develop, produce and market a stylish collection of emergency alert devices that would make women feel good while allowing them to confidently maintain their independence.


As the first to offer the collection, MobileHelp is now launching the first TRELAWEAR line of beautifully designed personal emergency alert pendants.


I am so proud to credit my mom with the fulfillment of a dream that I know will benefit others – moms, aunts, sisters and friends – the women in our lives who want to enjoy safety without compromising style.