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A new collection from MobileHelp®, TRELAWEAR is a beautiful high-end “smart” jewelry accessory that includes best-in-class emergency response technology when paired to a compatible MobileHelp base station or mobile device that takes you anywhere you want to go… safely.

Safety + Style
How It Works

Like our traditional pendants, a TRELAWEAR necklace pairs with a MobileHelp monitoring system to provide 24/7/365 life-saving help through a base station or mobile device. In case of an emergency, simply press the button on the back of the TRELAWEAR necklace and the accompanied base station or mobile device will summon help for you. The TRELAWEAR pendant will be able to connect to your system from up to 600 feet from the Cellular Base Station and Mobile Device and up to 250 feet from the MobileHelp Touch.

Safety + Style

TRELAWEAR pendants from MobileHelp feature hand-cut faceted resin stones available in black onyx, set in a round pendant shape. The pendant case and necklace chain are offered in silver colored or yellow gold finishes.

Safety + Style

Belle Pendant
Material: Trelawear pendants are made of brass material, on a 3mm brass cable chain with an exclusive breakaway magnet. The pendant also features a hand-cut resin stone.
Compatible with: MobileHelp Cellular Base Station, Mobile Device and Tablet Base Station
Pendant Dimensions: 33.5mm x 33.55mm x 15mm or 1.3 inches x 1.3 inches x .6 inches
Chain length: 30 inches
Weight: 53 grams / 1.8 ounce
Battery life: Up to 3 years


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