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Health Updates

Springtime Exercise Tips for Seniors

Senior Running

Spring Time Exercise - Re-emergizing Exercise Routines

The warming temperatures across the country are a call to get back outside and enjoy the fresh air. Getting outside to move is also a great way to infuse a stale winter exercise routine with new life.


For seniors who want to embrace physical activities such as gardening, walking or hiking this spring, there are a few new technology resources to ensure safety can be incorporated into new fitness schedules:


  • Always wear your MobileHelp button, which will provide emergency assistance in all 50 states and provide your loved ones with the assurance that you can receive help at the push of a button.
  • If falls are a concern, an automatic fall detection system and pendant can be a great option – if any type of fall occurs, the pendant – like the MobileHelp Fall Button™ – will automatically send a signal as an alert for help.
  • Tracking activity levels can be a great resource to manage fitness levels and how they are changing – to ensure levels are just right. The MobileHelp Activity Tracking app allows customers to monitor their activity level on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This premium feature utilizes the MobileHelp Fall Button to track activity levels and display them in an easy-to-understand format on the MobileHelp Connect® web portal.


Numerous online resources offer a bevy of ideas for seniors to tap this spring, from fitness to giving back, to infuse springtime with a new focus on increased physical activity levels. Here is a link from AARP on exercise tips are just a few exercise suggestions:

Exercise & Staying Active: Prioritize Exercise this Spring with a Focus on Outdoor Activities

  • Nature Walk: Explore the outdoors on your own or with your spouse or grandkids by taking a walk through nature.


  • Gentle Yoga: Spend an hour of relaxation and meditation outside in the sun to really feel at peace. Gentle, stretching movements and deep breathing practices make yoga a restorative exercise, great for seniors with or without mobility issues.


Bicycling: The relatively low-impact activity of cycling is perfect for adults over 60 looking to get their heart rate up in the cool spring air. Cycling (along with sports like tennis and swimming) promotes strong balance and coordination, and when done regularly, can help maintain a healthy weight, fight heart disease, improve lung function, reduce stress levels and strengthen bones.



Helping Others: Embrace the chance to help others and give back to the community as the weather warms up

Join a Charity Walkathon: Springtime is filled with charity fundraisers and walkathon events. Not only are they a great way to get exercise and interact with others, but registration fees benefit a good cause.


Organize a Community Cleanup: Coordinate a community cleanup by inviting neighbors and friends to help beautify your neighborhood.


Volunteer at a Festival or Rally: A great way to get involved in the community, meet new people and help others is to volunteer at an outdoor event – an arts festival or a political rally are great options.

No matter where spring adventures lead you, be sure to wear your MobileHelp help button and carry your Mobile Device so you are always protected. The benefits of staying active, helping others and having fun this spring will carry through the rest of the year.


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