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Concerned about Long-term Mobility? A Mobility Scooter Could be the Answer

mobility solutions for seniors

Losing mobility can be concerning and, in fact, downright scary. Everyday tasks that once seemed as simple as a short walk to the mailbox suddenly become daunting. But it does not have to be. Mobility scooters can make these everyday tasks easy once again.


In an article for the Guardian, Shane Greenhalgh shares how, after an accident left him with several prolapsed discs while he was still young in his 30s, a mobility scooter has provided him a high quality of life.


“Like most scooter users, I can walk to some degree, but only with pain and discomfort,” said Greenhalgh, who has used a mobility scooter for 24 years. “Without it, I would have no life. They might as well have put me down.”


His words sound dire, but that’s how important mobility scooters can be to people with limited mobility: Mobility scooters can open doors to activities that once seemed impossible. For instance, Toni Orchard has had difficulty walking long distances for the past ten years, impacting both how and where she goes out.


"If I had one I would do more days out; I could go and see places rather than being put off by the amount of walking," Orchard told the Guardian. "I can't walk long distances without pain. I can't do more than go around the block to the shops. It would be great to be able to go out without worrying about which places have seats that I can rest on."


With a mobility scooter, the burden Orchard and so many others carry can be lifted.


What are mobility scooters?


There are many different options to help with mobility from canes to walkers to wheelchairs. Similarly, medical or mobility scooters are high quality, multi-featured vehicles that give individuals with low mobility a renewed sense of freedom and independence.


Why invest in a mobility scooter?


According to wheelchair experts, mobility scooters first and foremost give those with limited mobility greater independence. They no longer have to rely on another person for simple tasks from buying groceries to getting the mail. Mobility scooters provide more freedom for users to choose what activities to participate in or where to vacation because they do not have to consider how much walking will be involved.


Additionally, mobility scooters can help ensure vacationing is much more enjoyable for those who need assistance. Many with mobility issues feel as if their days of seeing the world are over. However, scooters can give back their ability to maneuver through crowded areas.


Mobility scooters ensure people can still enjoy their favorite social activities. Whether going out to dinner or grabbing a quick coffee break, spending time with others can boost morale and even contribute to giving mobility scooter riders faster recovery for those challenged by less mobility.


And then there’s the safety factor: Mobility scooters lower the risk of injury. Slippery pavement or hidden cracks in sidewalks could result serious injury without mobility scooters, which are built to ensure riders remain safe and secure.


Which mobility scooter is the right one?


As an online resource for medical products, Mobility Aids supplies a wide variety of mobility scooters as well as various accessories for a reasonable price ranging from $779-$4000. Two of best mobility scooter brands:


  • Drive Medical is one of the fastest growing Home Healthcare Companies in the industry. They provide a wide array of mobility scooter options that can tailor to many diverse needs. They have three- and four-wheel modern options, heavy duty models, various functionalities, as well as a sleek and stylish design.


  • According to their website, eWheels is a leader in American Mobility as a developer, manufacturer and distributor of electric powered mobility scooters and medical products.


Just like shoe sizes, mobility scooters are not one-size fits all. Mobility scooters for adults can have three wheels or four wheels. Three-wheel scooters give the user more legroom and allow for better maneuverability indoors, while four-wheel versions provide more stability over rough outdoor landscapes. A person can also choose if they want their mobility scooter to be easily collapsible, so it can be conveniently taken to other places.


Finally, people should consider weight capacities when choosing between different scooter styles and brands. If need be, some scooters can hold up to 500 pounds.