MobileHelp Touch

Meet our newest base station:
your connection to help - and so much more.

MobileHelp Touch has everything you’ve come to expect from our emergency response systems, housed in a sleek, hand-held tablet and loaded with new wellness features.


With a large 8-inch display for easy viewing and manipulation between screens, the MobileHelp Touch holds up to 12 hours of battery backup. MobileHelp Touch uses 4G LTE cellular network connectivity and is both WiFi and BLE enabled, to provide access to the following features and benefits:

Help Button: Users can touch this icon on their home screen at any time to get emergency help

Messaging: This feature provides an easy-to-use messaging interface, so users can connect with loved ones using one streamlined application.

Amwell®: Available as an optional feature, this partner application with American Well allows users to subscribe to Amwell, which gives the
user a direct video connection to doctors in their home state – 24/7/365.

Reminders: This feature gives users, along with their authorized caregivers or family members, the ability to schedule medication reminders, which are then served up on the tablet.

Apps: Users can access cognitive games, like Sudoku.

Gallery: Users can personalize their MobileHelp Touch by adding pictures of family and friends to their device

News Segment

In this special news segment, hear from two MobileHelp customers – and their families – as they describe using the MobileHelp Touch to stay healthy by being more connected to loved ones and professional caregivers.